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History of the Public Sphere in Ukraine and East Central Europe

Course director Ostap Sereda (Central European University, Ukrainian Catholic University) The course aims at introducing and exploring the applicability of the concept of the public sphere for the analysis of…

Ukraine: Imperial, Soviet, Independent, European

Course directors Vladimir Petrovic (Boston University), Nazarii Stetsyk (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv) The course seeks to examine past problems, present challenges, and future prospects of Ukraine in multiple…

Making Ukraine Visible – Images, Narratives, Institutions

10–19 July 2022 The summer school reflects on how Ukrainian culture, identity, and institutional practices can be valorized in the global discussion and how resilient civic and academic organizations can…

Transformation, Conflict, and Migration: Study of Exceptions from Rules, Vulnerability to Risks and Unacceptable Conditions

Course Director ​​Volodymyr Artiukh (University of Oxford) The course focuses on social integration and national minorities, socio-economic approaches to inclusion and exclusion, gender, transnational networks and diasporas, corruption, and transparency.

Between Norms and Realities: Challenges to Europeanization, Democratization and the Rule of Law in a Transnational Context

Course Directors Nazarii Stetsyk (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv), Vladimir Petrovic (Boston University), Oleksiy Kononov (Central European University) The course focuses on the ambiguities of European integration, studying post-communist…

Culture and Heritage Studies

Dóra Mérai (Central European University) The course focuses on memory cultures and urban heritage management, narratives, journalism, new media, cultural diplomacy, art, audiovisual studies, and new media documenting resistance.