Rule of Law and Human Rights: Old Challenges and New Opportunities in Times of War and Uncertainty

Nazar Stetsyk, Associate Professor, Department of Theory and Philosophy of Law, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

This course offers a study of rule of law and human rights in the shadow of the war in Ukraine, in a broader European and global context. It covers the challenges of populism and illiberal democracies, opportunities and threats of digitalization, as well as the role of global and European actors in approaching these challenges. Old problems of Ukrainian Institutions (Verkhovna Rada, Constitutional Court, Supreme Court, judiciary etc.) are discussed in light of new opportunities in their capacity building and strengthening for ensuring rule of law and human rights protection. Wartime and post-war transformation issues include the rights of refugees and internally displaced people, the functioning of businesses preserving human rights, challenges to the domestic criminal justice system as well as restoring rule of law in a transitional period.